Meet the team

The purpose of AMACSS is to represent, advocate for and enhance the university experience of students in the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences. The AMACSS executive team, all current students, work to enhance the educational, recreational, social and cultural environment of the University of Toronto at Scarborough.

Co-President - Romina Saravi

Co-President - Ben Cooper

VP of Academics - Vladimir Efimov

VP of External Affairs - Amirutha Sasiharan

Director of IT - Akshay Nair

Director of IT - Tyrone Xiong

Director of Finance - Laura Lo

Director of Careers and Advancements - Ralph Maamari

Director of Marketing - Elaine Wu

Director of Events - Revon Villava-Rayen

Director of Events - Mohammad Moustafa

Director of Gaming - Chris Brlej

Programming Club Lead - Brian Chen

Designer - Sonika Verma

Computer Science Representative - Albion Fung

Math Representative - Vincent La

Mathematics Representative - Dave Salwinski

Mathematics Representative - Joshua Concon

Statistics Representative - Jenkin Tsui

First Year Representative - Larissa Lemere

First Year Representative - Daniel Zhao