Frequently Asked Questions

AMACSS stands for the Association of Mathematical and Computer Science Students. At AMACSS, we strive to enhance the experience of every CMS student through our academic and non-academic events. By attending our seminars and events, you are contributing to the AMACSS community! Check our about page to learn more about AMACSS, and join our social media community to stay informed on opportunities to participate in our events.
Hiring for every AMACSS team (executive, academics, marketing, events, technology, finance, and first-year) is conducted at the beginning of each academic year. Join our Discord community for access to application forms, and important deadlines.
Join our social media community for timely updates on our events! We have Facebook, Instagram, and Discord communities, links to all of which can be found on the navigation menu above.
Check our resources page for a subset of previously held review seminars! Currently our Academics Team is expanding our coverage of CMS courses. For inquiries regarding a specific course, feel free to inquire on the AMACSS Discord Server!
To find previously recorded review seminars, navigate to our resources page! Alternatively, visit the AMACSS Youtube channel and navigate our playlist.