Association of Mathematical and Computer Science Students' (AMACSS) Academics Website


May 5, 2017   2:22pm
Welcome to the new AMACSS academics website. This website will host all of the academic material used by AMACSS at study groups and review seminars. Check back here, as well as the facebook page for any information regarding academics.


CSCA48 course material CSCB58 course material
MATA37 course material MATA23 course material

Academic Representives

  Name Courses Instructing Office Hours Email
Mohammad Moustafa CSCA48 Wednesday 3-4pm [email protected]
Joshua Concon MATA37 Wednesday 11am-12pm [email protected]
Schinella D'Souza MATA23, MATA37 N/A [email protected]
Keegan Poon CSCB07, CSCB09, CSCB36, CSCSB58, CSCB63 TBD [email protected]
Stephen Liu MATA23 TBD [email protected]